EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now required whenever a building is built, sold or rented. The certificate provides 'A' to 'G' ratings for the building, with 'A' being the most energy efficient. The current average rating is 'D'.

Energy Performance Certificate

This is part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which all EU member states must adopt.

EPCs come with information on a building's energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and a report with recommendations to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Only accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can produce valid EPCs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Organisations with more than 250 employees will need to enter the ESOS and audit their energy consumption from December 2015. The administrative burden will be less for businesses which have EPCs for their buildings.

Domestic RHI

An EPC is required for those householders who wish to claim the Domestic RHI: this is being required by Ofgem to evidence the deemed heat of a building for domestic RHI purposes.


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