Funding Renewable Energy Investments

Investments in renewable energy have a higher initial capital costs than fossil fuel technologies.

However, they benefit from both lower annual running costs and substantial annual government grants like the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This means that the initial capital cost can be financed by loans that can be repaid from the annual savings.

Releasing pressure on Capital Budgets

Many project managers find that once a project is fully costed, it may cost more than the allocated budget.

This can lead to a "Value Engineering" exercise which tends to compromise quality in order to reign back to a fixed budget: this is unsatisfactory for all parties, including the environment.

Fully Funded Projects

Luckily there is an alternative: ICAX can facilitate a loan from third parties to enable the investment to be made using loan financing. This is available when the annual running cost, including grants, is negative and contributions can be made to the capital cost over, say, seven years.

The advantage is that this will fix your future costs for a set repayment schedule, which can be less than the annual costs that you would have paid for burning fossil fuels.

It will also release pressure on your cashflow – and even allow the cost of heating and cooling plant to be outside the budgeted cost of a new building.

Funded options allow investment in Renewable Energy systems with a good payback

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