Renewable Energy for the Construction Industry

ICAX™ is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using ground source energy to achieve low carbon buildings.

ICAX provides a turnkey package for meeting sustainable energy targets on construction projects. We undertake design and installation to ensure that heating and cooling needs are met in a sustainable way by recycling heat energy. ICAX provides a complete range of services from initial feasibility through thermal modelling, design and delivery, to in use maintenance.

ICAX achieves this with Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ – a complementary integration of well tried technologies and patented innovation.

Ground Source Energy

ICAX™ Ltd implements IHT™ in a wide range of construction projects with a speciality in ground storage of heating and cooling energy using insulated Thermal Banks™ for inter seasonal thermal storage.

IHT is a complementary fusion of the two front runners in on site renewable energy: Solar Thermal and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Ground Source Heating

The value of IHT is greater than the sum of Solar Thermal and GSHP – because adding solar heat into the ground before the winter allows a GSHP to realise its full potential with double the efficiency of an unassisted GSHP alone.

With the recent decarbonisation of the Grid, IHT™ can save over 75% of carbon emissions compared to using a gas boiler for heating.

IHT™ can save over 80% of carbon emissions compared to using standard air conditioning for cooling.

IHT™ can save over 100% of the annual cost of running your heating system if you are entitled to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Renewable Cooling from ICAX

Ground Source Cooling

Ground source cooling can be used to cool buildings. This approach is less expensive than air conditioning which provides cooling by heat exchange with external air – often hot air. Ground source cooling is a mechanism of allowing the excess heat within a building to escape to cold ground. This natural process is cheaper than using electricity to force heat out into hot air. The process of releasing heat to the ground also provides the useful function of heating the ground in preparation for using ground source energy the following winter to return the heat to the building from which it came.

District Heating – Heat Networks

ICAX can resolve the Energy Trilemma by providing ground source heating and cooling systems through communal ground arrays: District Heating using heat sharing networks.

Heat Sharing Networks are designed to provide a more cost effective, flexible, and scalable alternative to conventional district heating network technology. Heat Sharing Networks transfer warmth via an underground piping circuit between buildings at near ground temperature and extract it via heat pumps in each building.

Renewable Energy Systems – Ground Source Energy

ICAX provides effective renewable energy systems by providing ThermalBanks to store the heat from solar thermal collection in summer, so that it can be used to heat buildings in winter using heat pumps.

Planning and Renewable Energy

The Merton Rule requires new developments to demonstrate at least 10% of on site renewable energy before planning permission is granted. Interseasonal Heat Transfer can now be used to generate over 75% of on site renewable energy and make large savings in annual running costs of both heating and cooling.

ICAX Skid controls IHT

Alternative Energy – Seasonal Heat Transfer

At last there is an alternative to the standard renewable energy options that have been available for some years. Seasonal Heat Transfer integrates the strengths of solar thermal collection in summer with seasonal thermal storage in ThermalBanks – in order to deliver re-cycled solar heat through heat pumps more efficiently in winter.

Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme: PSDS 3 now launched

ICAX is experienced in supporting public bodies and contractors in winning and delivering PSDS projects: we currently have twelve projects in delivery.

Heat Networks Investment Project

The Heat Networks Investment Project reduces the cost of installing new heat networks, or extending existing networks.

Gas free buildings

ICAX designs and installs gas-free heating and cooling systems, and improves local air quality.

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