• Feasibility studies on the deployment of heat pumps using closed-loop, open-loop ground source, river, marine and waste heat recovery
  • Full detailed design to RIBA Stage 4 and production of construction drawings


  • Troubleshooting of existing heat pump installations
  • Commissioning validation
  • Peer reviews of heat pump system designs at all levels of development
  • Site inspections and witnessing duties


  • Supply, installation, delivery and commissioning
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (including remote monitoring)
Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS)

What is the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS)?

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme gives central government and local authorities in England a major opportunity to decarbonise public sector non-domestic buildings by installing low-carbon solutions. The PSDS Grant Scheme is run by Salix for BEIS.

The purpose of the scheme is to help make eligible buildings more energy efficient and install low-carbon heating systems like heat pumps, heating controls, glazing and insulation. Eligible bodies can apply for funding on the Salix website.

Public Sector low-carbon Skills Fund

The PSDS scheme is also supported by the Public Sector low-carbon Skills Fund, which provides grants to help organisations source specialist and expert advice to identify and develop heat decarbonisation projects.

The aim is to open the scheme up to public sector bodies without sufficient in-house expertise and help them to prepare a robust application for the grant funding.

How ICAX can help you

ICAX is experienced in supporting PSDS programmes. We have currently delivered twelve PSDS projects. We are ready to help public sector bodies and contractors realise their projects through Salix.

  • ICAX can conduct initial surveys and feasibility studies to assess suitability of low-carbon solutions to replace fossil fuel systems.
  • Prepare and submit the PSDS application on client's behalf whilst providing guidance throughout.
  • ICAX can provide RIBA stage 3 and detailed stage 4 design ready for tender.
  • ICAX can undertake supply and installation of the low-carbon system.
  • Undertake commissioning, operation, and maintenance for the installed system.

We will tailor the services solution that is right for you