Remote Telemetry is used to monitor Interseasonal Heat Transfer™

Telemetry is a technology that allows measurements to be made or relayed at a distance, via radio waves or IP networks.

ICAX systems incorporate the control philosophy for Interseasonal Heat Transfer into a highly automated control system, this includes:

  • information gathering from control sensors in heat collectors, heat stores and heat destination areas
  • analysis of information
  • activation of valves, circulation pumps and heat pumps to transfer heat from where it is available to where it is needed.

Because the whole system is electronic this can be used to provide graphical information on site. The information can also be relayed electronically by remote telemetry so that each system can be monitored by ICAX from its own offices.

Training and monitoring

After completing an IHT installation, including connections to the Building Management System of the building, and full testing, ICAX provides training to help you achieve the optimum performance of the IHT system in use.

ICAX provides telemetry to monitor the IHT system remotely. This is used to refine the system parameters if the use of the building in practice differs from the predicted use at the time of design.

ICAX can provide a record of the heating and cooling energy use of the building if you would like this service. Knowing the energy use in the building can help to save energy in use, and can highlight issues if the energy loads on the building differ from the predicted use at the time of design. With the help of remote telemetry we can provide direct monitoring of the way the IHT system is used in a particular building: this enables us to match the system more closely to the design criteria of the building and provide advice on how to use the building more effectively and more cheaply.

We can also monitor and report on other key data (such as lighting and small power electrical consumption) that will enable you to claim additional BREEAM points.

The IHT system provides the metered information needed to enable you to claim the RHI from Ofgem.

Carbon Offset achieved

We can provide a data output feed to report on the carbon offset achieved and energy used to a screen within the building. ICAX is providing this service to Merton's new Intergenerational Centre.

We provide maintenance contracts to ensure that the IHT system and all equipment continues to operate as designed. We provide annual licences for the software and Energy Management System to ensure that your system is up-to-date and tuned to the way your building is used.

ICAX is a member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association ICAX is a member of BSRIA