Andy Ford

Andy Ford is one of the UK's leading environmental engineers. He advises the Government on Renewable Energy issues and sustainable building.

In 2013 he was appointed Professor of Systems Engineering in Built Environment, London South Bank University and oversees CEREB: The Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings. This is a unique teaching, research and demonstration facility for low carbon technologies.

He is a former President of CIBSE (2011), a Cabe enabler for sustainability and low-energy design, and he is on the board of the UK Green Building Council. In the construction industry, he says, “people need to adapt their knowledge to come to terms with sustainability, from the bottom up”. And society at large should be more concerned about the future: “We’re all thinking about how to minimise climate change, but not about what to do when it happens. It will be a completely new world.

Founding partner of the award winning practice Fulcrum Consulting in 1984 (now Mott MacDonald Fulcrum) and responsible for the design of a number of ground breaking UK buildings with early work on low energy buildings on the University of East Anglia campus; including The Elizabeth Fry Building and the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

Sustainable low energy designs for the built environment

Working extensively on modern buildings throughout his career, Andy's speciality lies within sustainable low energy designs for the built environment. He has extensive expertise in the design of buildings to achieve this and how to develop complementary simple active building services. He has taken a more specific role in recent years in how the building industry can respond to the challenge of climate change.

Andy speaks on low energy and sustainable building design to industry bodies, is a member of a number of steering committees, participates regularly in working seminars on sustainable design as a research manager for the UK Government in the area of construction process, he continues to be very involved with research, innovation and the future direction of building design and construction and has been on the judging panel of a number of competitions.

He has long experience in a wide range of sustainable building engineering, including seasonal heat storage technology.

Andy Ford was CIBSE President for 2011/12

Andy Ford has signalled his priorities for the future: "The challenge is to decarbonise our built environment. We are not simply talking about building services; we are talking about influencing energy supply, architecture, design and materials".

He is concerned about the threat of devastating climate change, the fluctuating price of fossil fuel energy, and the key issue of energy security.


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