Go Green before the Green Goes

20 September 2019


Greta Thunberg has inspired children around the world to strike for the climate emergency. Four million children from over 150 countries marched on 20 September 2019 to protest that adults are taking no firm actions to address climate change. "Our house is on Fire. We must listen to the scientists and act."

Greta Thunberg spoke ahead of the UN climate action summit in New York. Leaders from around the world are due to attend the event.

"The eyes of the world will be on them," she said. "We will make them hear us."

"We are doing this to wake the leaders up. We are doing this to get them to act. We deserve a safe future and we demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask?

"Right now we are the ones who are making a difference. If no one else will take action then we will.

"It should not be that way. We should not be the ones who are fighting for the future. And yet, here we are."

She finished her speech on a powerful and optimistic note. Go Green before the Green Goes

"Together and united we are unstoppable.

"This is what people power looks like. We will rise to the challenge. We will hold those most responsible for this crisis accountable and we will make the world leaders act.

"We can and we will.

"And if you belong to that small group of people who feel threatened by us then we have some very bad news for you.

"Because this is only the beginning. Change is coming, whether they like it or not."

"We are striking today in over 150 countries on all continents, including Antarctica.

"We are not in school today and this time we are not alone - we have some adults who are not at work today either. And why? Because this is an emergency. Our house is on fire. And it's not just the young people's house. We all live here, it affects all of us. We will not just stand aside and watch.

"We are united behind the science and we will do everything in our power to stop this crisis from getting worse, even if that means skipping school or work, because this is more important.

"Why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us? That is being stolen for profit? Greta adresses New York

"Some people are saying we should study to become climate scientists and politicians, but by then it will be too late. We need to do this now.

"Pay attention to the facts.

"Nowhere have I found anyone in power who wants to tell it like it is. They leave that burden to us - us teenagers, us children."

Is anyone listening?

For those who think our goverment should be taking action, but are not sure what the actions should be, see Getting Serious about Net Zero.








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