Invisible Heating System

by Edward Thompson

Every thinking person is in favour of Renewable Energy in principle: we all understand that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which remained below 280 parts per million (ppm) for 800,000 years up to 1800, has steadily risen from 280 ppm before the Industrial Revolution to over 400 ppm in 2013.

We know that this is because the human race is now burning fossil fuels at a far greater rate than they were laid down over millions of years in the carboniferous era.

We don't know precisely the extent of global warming that will result, or how radical the changes to our environment will be over the next fifty years – but we all hope that the effect on our environment will be less than what we fear for the environment of the polar bears.

Why is it that we have done so little to move towards using Renewable Energy instead of burning fossil fuels to keep ourselves warm in winter and to generate electricity all year round?

Search for an environmentally friendly renewable energy system

The answer is partly because of the capital cost of installing Renewable Energy equipment.

But it is also because there are justifiable reservations about – the effect on our immediate environment. Many people express reservations about the blight of wind turbines, especially in areas of outstanding natural beauty. The concerns of well-supported lobby groups are reinforced by local planning authorities.

Planning authorities also have reservations about solar thermal panels and PV panels on the roofs of historic buildings. They also raise questions about the polluting effects of burning biomass.

Can you escape from these conundrums and find a renewable energy system that has no downside for the local environment?     Yes, you can!

The answer is to adopt an invisible heating system. The alternative name for this is a "ground source heat pump". GSHPs are located out-of-sight, inside buildings. They connect with heat exchange loops buried in the ground and, ideally, deliver to underfloor heating circuits which are even invisible inside your building:

  • nothing to see
  • nothing to hear
  • nothing to smell
  • no polluting emissions
  • nothing to remember to order, to store or to organise
  • nothing to need to think about

    ..... just an Invisible Heating System.




ICAX projects using invisible ground source energy systems:
Howe Dell School     | Suffolk One College   | Merton Community Centre
Tesco Supermarket | Wellington Civic Centre


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